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Where is the Festival held?

We hold the Festival at The Town Hall, Hebden Bridge. Click here for directions.

Is there wheelchair access to the venue?

Yes there is. We’re delighted to say that Hebden Bridge Town Hall is fully accessible. Wheelchair users: Do let us know which concert(s) you’ve booked tickets for so we can ensure a space is reserved for you and your party.

I can’t come to the concert without a carer; do you offer a free ticket in these circumstances?

Yes, we do. We offer a Carer Pass  to help adult Festival-goers who could not attend a concert on their own. (To be eligible for our free Carer Pass please provide evidence to show you could not attend a concert on your own, e.g. that you are in receipt of the Care component of Disability Living Allowance, a letter from your GP etc.) Jan, our Admin Director, deals with this personally – email her on hbpianofest@gmail.com.

Why don’t you take debit/credit cards for in-person or postal bookings?

We are a very small festival; we only need to take payments for part of the year and the overheads of running a payment terminal are currently too high. We are keeping this under constant review.

Why do I have to pay a surcharge to book online? I’ve bought tickets for other events and not had to do this.

There are no free online booking services. The booking charges are, however, sometimes absorbed by the venue or event. (In practice that will mean that they charge more for the tickets in the first place.) There’s always a postal booking form and if you’re local to Hebden Bridge, you can call in to the Town Hall and buy them in person (Mon-Fri, 9-4. Cash/cheques only.)

Do you welcome babies and children into concerts?

We have a clear policy about babies and children at concerts. Click here to read it.

I’ve bought too many tickets/I’m unwell/I can’t come to the concert any more. Please may I return my tickets?

We have a ‘no returns’ policy, which is outlined in the booking information. We do have a mechanism for returning tickets for sold out concerts only. Click here to find out more.

I’m desperate for tickets to a concert which has sold out. What can I do?

We have a very effective waiting list; you can find out more here.

Have you thought about having other instruments as well? Or singers? Why not have a piano competition?

The festival is all about piano music of a range of genres. We are unlikely to mix it up with singing, or quintets, and we shall never become a piano competition. That’s just not our style. Each year we will vary the programme but you can always expect an intense weekend of pianistic delight. (Though in 2014 headliner Gwilym Simcock, one of the judges in the BBC Young Jazz Musician competition, brought two finalists, including the eventual winner, to join him for his encore! We didn’t say no 🙂 )

I love the Festival and would like it to last for a whole week!

We’re so glad you love it! 🙂 The Festival is a little gem of a weekend, an intense experience of piano music over just 2-3 days. We have no plans to change that.