Hebden Bridge Piano Festival

Hebden Bridge Piano Festival 2015

Next year’s festival is now almost completely programmed. We’ll be revealing details over the next month or so; what we can promise you is that the programming will be as eclectic as ever! It’ll be another piano-filled weekend, with scintillating performances from internationally acclaimed pianists, events especially for families with children, free recitals and opportunities to hear some very talented local pianists. We’ll be in our usual venue, The Town Hall, Hebden Bridge, from Friday 17 to Sunday 19 April.

Highlights from 2014 Festival

  • PianoFestival2014_113
    Euan Atkinson plays the piano in the café
  • PianoFestival2014_189
    Children's concert
  • PianoFestival2014_035
  • PianoFestival2014_157
    Noriko Ogawa signing CDs
  • PianoFestival2014_177
    Noriko Ogawa takes a bow
  • PianoFestival2014_142
    Noriko Ogawa
  • PianoFestival2014_178
    Children's concert
  • PianoFestival2014_029
    Charles Owen
  • PianoFestival2014_204
    Gwilym Simcock
  • PianoFestival2014_203
    Gwilym Simcock
  • PianoFestival2014_185
    Children's concert
  • PianoFestival2014_020
    Kathryn Stott and Dave Nelson
  • PianoFestival2014_076
  • PianoFestival2014_025
    Audience members in the café
  • PianoFestival2014_119
    Paul Roberts
  • PianoFestival2014_124
    Paul Roberts
  • PianoFestival2014_032
    Charles Owen
  • PianoFestival2014_150
    Standing ovation
  • PianoFestival2014_054
  • PianoFestival2014_234
    Charles Owen applauding Gwilym Simcock
  • PianoFestival2014_196
    Tom Hawkins plays the piano in the café
  • PianoFestival2014_241
    Kathryn Stott meets the audience after her recital
  • PianoFestival2014_195
    Local pianist Ailie Kerrane performed during Piano Shorts
  • PianoFestival2014_211
    Linda Patterson (piano festival Chair) talking to two of the BBC Young Jazz musician finalists
  • PianoFestival2014_198
    Local pianist Alison West plays the café piano
  • PianoFestival2014_232
    Kathryn Stott
  • PianoFestival2014_191
    John Humphreys and Allan Schiller
  • PianoFestival2014_011
    Dave Nelson playing his PianoCycle in the café
  • PianoFestival2014_117
    The café did a roaring trade
  • PianoFestival2014_159
    Kathryn Stott, Paul Roberts and Charles Owen with festival artist liaison volunteer Tim Taylor Willson (left)
  • PianoFestival2014_158
    Noriko Ogawa chats to the audience after her recital
  • PianoFestival2014_034
    Charles Owen greets festival chair Linda Patterson

It was a truly extraordinary weekend of music-making with such a range of performances on offer. I certainly returned home with a great feeling of inspiration and new energy. Thank you for including me – a real joy and privilege to open the concerts.
Charles Owen, solo recital, opening night 2014

Just to say congratulations on the festival – it was a huge success and a credit to you all – well done!
Kathryn Stott, solo recital, final night 2014

All power to your elbow … You have set up something really special.
Martin Roscoe, solo recital, final night 2013